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3D Printing
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A look into the future? Kirkenes imagined by AI...

Two people trying to make a change...

But i opened this page to find out who you are...

Ah, i see. No worries. We got you!


Christoffer Beddari Kristiansen

Originally born inside of a computer, Christoffer quickly started to understand their ways and became one of them. Communication skills are kill in our company and as such we all had to learn binary.

When enough 0's and 1's are sent this mans way, we're able to craft applications that will blow your mind.

With only willpower he is now able to command our 3D printer and Laser to do whatever he desires. Just last week we needed a new sign for our door - the laser just started going. It's ok to be scared.

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  • Nothing Hill
  • Kirkenes
  • Norway, Finnmark
  • Post Box 420
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