We can make anything, if it can eat code.

Kiosk Systems
Cloud Computing
AI Development
Management Software
API Development
Fleet Systems
Custom Software

We offer custom software development services that are tailored to your specific needs. We're experienced developing many diverse projects and we'll work with you to create software that is designed to meet any unique requirement. Whether you need a new application developed from scratch or an existing application customized to meet your needs, we have the expertise and experience to deliver the results you need.

Web Design
Back End Services
Server Configuration
Customer Portals
E-Commerce Systems
Web Security
Messaging Systems
Web Development

The internet has been around for a while now, web design and methods surrounding site publishing have come a long way. Our services cater to all needs, building a PWA or static website is no problem - we'll even renew your current website or fix problems that you're having on any platform. We've been building websites since they were nothing more than HTML, and you could say that we've learnt a little bit since then.

Employee Management
News Articles
Phone Applications

Why not have us build a custom phone application that's tailored to your specific needs. We love making phone apps, and we like a challenge! Tell us what you need and we'll use our expert knowledge to help you get the right app for your company. Whether you need a new application developed from scratch or an existing application customized to meet your needs, we have the expertise and experience to deliver what you need.


Do you want us to make something for you? Let's do it!

Rapid Prototyping
Automotive Parts
Home Decor
Musical instruments
Industrial tooling
Miniature figurines
3D Printing as a service

We love our little printer, we'll be buying a bigger one soon. For now, some projects need printing in several parts - where we would normally prefer a print in place. We've seen 3D printing take off in the last few years due to the customisable nature of the items that are now printable, and of course the improvement of technologies surrounding 3D printing.

So... what does that mean for YOU?

It's lots of fun for us to have a need for a specific tool or object and just create it from thin air. You've lost your wrench before, right? We lose things too, but we just make a new one. The point i'm making is, we can do that for you too! For money! ... Seriously though we're very skilled in Fusion 360 and we're made parts for a variety of projects. Including full kiosk systems and ordering units. We're more than happy to take a look at any project regarding 3D printing - so give us a call or drop us a message with the contact form.


Burning holes in things is fun, please give us money to do it.

Laser Engraving as a service

Just to make sure nobody takes our joke too seriously... we're very safe with our laser.

We've only lost 9 fingers so far.

Laser engraving is a very precise way to mark an object by either cutting, melting or even changing the color of said item. Above is the list of things that we're able to cut, just let us know if you have something specific that you'd like to enquire about - we may be expanding our services in this area in the near future.

Custom Signs
Fabric Cutting
Creating Stencils
Laser Cutting as a service

This is basically the same as laser engraving, but it chops instead.. with a laser beam.

There's a different use case here.

The option to cut certain materials as apposed to engraving them, means we have a variety of products that stem from the nature of the technique. Carving out signs, cutting a pipe in a specific manner come to mind. We're very well versed in chopping things up with light - let us know if you need us!

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